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Purpose Beyond Profit Is A Concept That I Personal Wholeheartedly Embrace And I Am Privileged To Lead A Company That Supports This Concept And Lives It Every Day. Not Only Do We Embrace That Power Of Experiences And Events To Influence Participants, We Constantly Seek To Have A Positive Social Impact.

One simple example is by looking at ways to reduce food waste at events. We make a point to working with venues and catering providers that divert food waste to charities that help to feed those in need.

By most estimates events create upwards of 30% wastes and when we demand that to our suppliers in all destinations where we have delivered events, we can make a big difference. Despite the sometimes challenging local food safety regulations we always find solutions including using the good Samaritan law. In Portugal we work with Re-Food, a volunteer-driven non-profit organisation focused on reusing food.

Another way that events can have a positive impact on societal wellbeing is by leaving a positive physical legacy.

We often use public spaces for private events, with the full support of local authorities, but this is not always welcomed by local residents. This challenge becomes an opportunity for us to clean and improve the public spaces used. This is always well received by the local residents who may have initially opposed the private use of the public space.

So why is this important to me? While it may sound cliché, it is true. I want to contribute to a better society. The concept of “purpose beyond profit” moves me as a business owner and it’s important for me to contribute in a sustainable way to the environment and the society around us.

Internally, at VOQIN’, we are building a task force that looks for opportunities to positively impact society. It looks beyond our own events at creative ways how we can all leave a lasting legacy.

So I’d like to leave you with a challenge. Do you also believe in “purpose beyond profit”? Want to make a difference? Do you have ideas, concerns or creative thoughts on how we can positively impact society? If so, get in touch and share your ideas with me. You can reach me at [email protected]. It would be my immense pleasure to include your ideas in our future plans for inspiring personal and societal wellbeing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

by Diogo Assis, VOQIN´ CEO & Founder
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