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The passion of Spain runs deep from fiery flamenco to playing fields of Nou Camp and the Bernabeu; the sublime flavours of Paella and Tapas to world renowned wines from Rioja. The influence of the Moors and Romans is evidenced by the number of UNESCO world Heritage Sites whilst the artists from Goya to Picasso have left their marks across the world. The resorts of Ibiza, Marbella and Majorca are the summer havens of Europe and the Canary Islands offer all year attractions given their southern location in the Atlantic Ocean.

easy access

Spain is well-connected through wide a full year-round schedule of domestic and international flights. There is a choice from of both low-cost to major airlines through the main hubs of Barcelona and Madid, which is the gateway to Latin America, attractive to global event organisers.

wide range accommodation

Spain offers a fantastic range of high quality yet affordable hotels. For large events, Madrid and Barcelona offer most with many international brands. Deluxe resorts in Andalucía and the Balearics and Canaries are ideal for incentive programmes either stand-alone or as part of a 2 centre. Cultural centres such as Seville offer unique experiences with a strong Arabic influence. Good all year weather in the South adds to the appeal.

venues in spain

Spain’s rich culture and heritage offers a great selection of venues from historical, to artistic and modern. This attracts a wide range of events from car reveals and drive experiences to bull rings and purpose-built convention centres. Barcelona may hold the crown for large events but the investment in Madrid and other regional cities adds annually to the options. The number of historical venues coupled with the everyday vibe of Spain results in creative incentive programmes.

convention centres

Most of the Spanish cities have their own convention centres in an array of different sizes depending on the size of the city. Barcelona has 2 convention centres, including the CCIB, which is considered one of the top convention centres in Europe; Madrid has 4 major conventions, congress and trade fair centres.

hotel meeting spaces

Events are important for Spain and the wide range of hotels can cater to events of all sizes. Some event focused hotels have more meeting space than the smaller congress centres. One of the largest auditoriums in Spain is in the Hotel Auditorium in Madrid.



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