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’m Very Proud Of Completing 3 Marathons To Date, Not Because Of My Pace Or Final Ranking, But Because I Challenged Myself To Complete A Task That Requires Substantial Mental And Physical Effort As Well As Intensive Training.

I’m even more proud of the fact that in every single one of our VOQIN’ offices, we have team members who regularly train and compete in sporting events. While we work hard at VOQIN’, we always encourage our team members to lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Our internal focus on wellbeing is not limited to physical exercise. We also meditate before some of our meetings and always look to have healthy food options available. We do this because we know that a healthy lifestyle can reduce absenteeism and we can feel that as we embrace wellbeing we are all happier and more productive.

We also have the opportunity to inspire others to also lead a healthy lifestyle through the experiences and events that we create. A small change can help change behaviours and attitudes and we can do this by choosing to serve healthy food options with good proteins, fresh vegetables and avoiding sugar.

Adding an element of physical activity, a yoga session or a fun-run to an event is another way to promote wellbeing. One example that we are particularly proud of is the IMEXrun, a concept developed by VOQIN’ from scratch. This informal fun-run is now an integral part of the IMEX and IMEX America trade shows that complements the intensive days on the show floor with a healthy dose of “sweatworking”, and participants look forward to it every year.

Another key event for us is the B2Run. Originally developed in Germany, this event is designed to give participants an opportunity to network with peers from other companies by participating in a fun sporting event with a supportive team atmosphere. VOQIN’ now partners with the creators to produce B2Runs in Lisbon, Porto and soon in Brazil.

I am delighted that VOQIN’ is able to inspire hundreds of companies and thousands of participants to lead a healthy lifestyle through both our company culture and the experiences and events we create.

I hope that you too have an opportunity to create a healthy and productive balance in your work life. Should you want to introduce more elements of wellbeing in your events, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or any of our team.

See you on the racecourse?

by Diogo Assis, VOQIN´ CEO & Founder