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Great events are those that we remember fondly ten years later. They are unique, unrepeatable and emotionally charged. It’s this kind of goose-bump generating, tailor-made memorable experiences that Diogo Castanheira wants to create at VOQIN’.

For Diogo, creating these memorable experiences starts by building fantastic working relationships with clients, not just during the event but all the way from the initial planning phase to well after the event has come to an end. It takes a dynamic team with excellent communication skills to seamlessly deliver what is important to clients. These are the details that create powerful emotions, and they can be simple touches. For example, adapting the menu to personal choices or adding a personal touch to a VIP’s room can make all the difference. Diogo is focused on helping the team deliver this kind of attention every time through strong relational, and not transactional, relationships with clients. After all, VOQIN’ is a creative agency filled with the unique energy of the talented and dedicated voqers.

Born in Lisbon, Diogo Castanheira has spent the last 20+ years in the UK working in leisure, luxury and business travel. He now brings a fresh outsider’s view to VOQIN’s leadership team. Diogo’s “we’ll get there” positive and persevering attitude keeps him going even when facing challenges. His astute market analysis, and his focus on smart goals and action trackers, have allowed him to achieve great success.

He’s a big admirer of both Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar and he adds Hungarian (beginners level) to the growing list of languages spoken by the team. As a teenager, Diogo was on track to study science, in particular, food science. After visiting his older brother in the UK, he realised that he could use his strong communication and language skills to embark on a career in travel. Upon graduating from a degree in Tourism Management, he gathered experiences through his tenure in different roles at the Portuguese airline PGA Portugalia Airlines, Prestige Holidays, Hainan Airlines and later Abercrombie & Kent.

Somewhere along the journey, he met the young and always ambitious Diogo and Miguel Assis, who at the time (18 years ago) had just founded The Lisbon Consortium (TLC), the predecessor DMC company to events by tlc and VOQIN’. They kept in touch and maintained an excellent relationship, ultimately leading to Diogo Castanheira now proudly returning to Portugal and joining the team as VOQIN’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

In the short time that Diogo Castanheira has been with VOQIN’, he has already witnessed the delivery of two important events by the team in Brazil. His travel calendar is almost full for 2020, so if you want to track him down the next place to connect and meet him face-to-face is at FITUR in Madrid on 22-26 January 2020. Drop him a line at [email protected] to book a meeting so that you can start discussing how VOQIN’ can help you.