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Events provide unique opportunities for team building while immersed in a different environment, and in the case of incentive travel, at an exciting destination. Adding a Corporate Social Responsibility focused activity not only enhances team building, but it also provides an opportunity to positively impact the places and people around us. Altogether, this is an excellent way to further enhance almost any type of event.

1. Promote Diversity And Inclusion

Adequate societal inclusion of those with special needs is a challenge across the world. In Portugal, the charity “Diversidade Sem Fronteiras” (Diversity Without Borders) works to change this. Through games inspired in “It’s a Knockout”, the charity pairs event participants with teams of local people with special needs. These mixed teams compete against each other in carefully constructed challenges that make team members work together to overcome each course’s obstacles. The competition is fun for everyone and brings out the best in people.

2. Raise Awareness For Those Less Abled

Experiencing the world in the way that the visually or physically impaired do is eye-opening. In our “No Barriers” activity, event participants have the opportunity to accompany people who face these challenges in their day-to-day life. In a gamified tour of a traditional Lisbon neighbourhood, participants are accompanied by visually or physically impaired people and invited to identify any obstacles they come across. These barriers to mobility are further explained to participants through various means (video, letter, live testimony), and each barrier is reported in a dedicated app called “+Acesso para Todos” (+Access for Everyone). Data on the reported obstacles is instantly made available to all people with mobility limitations using the app so that they can better plan their lives and routes in the city.

3. Inspire Environmental Rethinking

While recycling is a positive step to reducing waste, upcycling is even better. Upcycling is all about finding ways to turn old things into something new without breaking the product down into its raw materials. This way used items are given a new life. An upcycling workshop can be an inspiring, fun and creative experience for everyone. It’s even better when the shared objective is to create toys for children in need or ornamental pieces donated to retirement homes. With one simple activity, participants learn can new skills, help to reduce waste and form bonds with each other.

4. Brings Us Closer To Nature

Spending time in nature is always beneficial. Doing so in one of the Lisbon region’s enchanted forests can be a soul-cleansing experience. To make the experience even more special we suggest creating an opportunity for participants to help protect and preserve nature. By organising a group activity of tree planting in these inspiring surroundings, event participants can come closer to nature.

5. Provide Original Opportunity To Give Back

Every child should have a bicycle to call their own. Being able to gift bicycles to children’s charities is already a great deed, but we suggest going further. We challenge event participants to put bicycles together from parts scattered as part of a scavenger hunt. This makes teams enjoy the process of finding the parts and building the bicycles as well as gifting them. Participants not only enjoy the journey but feel an additional sense of ownership over the gifts that they help to build, all while working together for a good cause.

6. Connects Us With Good Causes

Animals shelters are always in need of supplies, so we created a game where through fun challenges, event participants are divided into teams that compete against each other to be able to donate the largest amount of supplies. Not only can they compete to donate the most suppliers, but the winning team also gets to pick the charity that receives the supplies acquired.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” – James D. Miles