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By Marketing team

We are happy to announce that Alen Mlekuz joined our team in March this year as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), to reinforce our global commercial strategy.

He assumed responsibilities regarding the development and establishment of new business opportunities, also managing our Sales, Commercial, Marketing, Digital and Strategic Solutions teams.

With more than 20 years of global market experience, Alen Mlekuz has a degree in Tourism Management and a Master’s in Management, both from the University of Primorska, Slovenia.

Alen also holds a degree in High-Efficiency Leadership, Management, and Economics from the London School of Public Relations.

Before joining VOQIN’, Alen Mlekuz worked at Adria Airways where he was manager, marketing and communication director, later, director of passenger relations. Later he joined Qatar Airways in Qatar, working as marketing director for the East market, and later as Country Manager for Austria and Portugal, until assuming responsibilities as Head of Sales Operation for Europe.

«It is with great pleasure that he returned to Portugal with this project through what VOQIN’ is, on a journey that is associated with his people from related associations. My purpose is to contribute to the company’s growth and growth, strengthening the relationship with customers and positioning VOQIN’ as a partner of excellence in achieving its business goals», says Alen Mlekuz.