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By Diogo Castanheira, head of Sales at VOQIN’

The meetings Space Dubai 17th to 20th of March 2022

The meetings and events community were together again for the Spring edition of The Meetings Space. This time the setting was the ever-changing and futuristic Dubai.

The selection of buyers was, as always, the key to a successful 4-day event which gathered likeminded individuals finally in a live setting. It feels like the industry is bouncing back again on the back of a very challenging, to say the least, two years.

The overall feel was of positivity with live events coming back, albeit not as strong as we would all wish. The mix of corporate and agency buyers really showed how the industry is changing and where the importance of service levels is becoming more and more important. But the need for different services has also emerged.

Having a great portfolio of partners and seamless logistics is simply not enough anymore. We must go beyond the traditional look into how an event should be created, put together and delivered. Hotels, transfers, activities, etc., must have a creative and emotional approach attached to them.

Buyers are looking more and more at how they reach their audience, how the impact of these events shapes participants’ perceptions and ultimately, how it makes them feel. All these deliverables are a high priority for these buyers. Budgets are scrutinized more than ever, with ROI at the centre of each decision.

Digital? Yes. But…

Most meetings had one thing in common: UX/UI, chatbots, gamification, Power BI dashboards and so on are no longer jargon, nor do they require jargon busters to be explained. If not more important than the event itself, the pre-engagement and post engagement activities areas are more relevant than ever. How senses are stimulated to heighten emotions becomes paramount and a key indicator of a successful project.

At VOQIN´, we are emotions creators by nature, so this has been in our DNA forever. With added digital skills developed during the last two years, we are the ideal extension for teams wishing to maximise their reach and impact their audiences. Whether in Portugal, Spain, Brasil and Florida, where we have physical offices or in any of the 195 countries around the world where there is connectivity, our Emotional Thinking undoubtedly sets the standard of what an event should look like, whether Live, Digital or Hybrid.