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Meet the new generation of event participants, they are looking for more than a good party. They appreciate a well-coordinated travel experience with delicious food and drink, but it’s just not enough. They expect more from your event and in ways that may surprise you.

1. Change the world

The new generations want to change the world and they understand the importance of using events to harness the power of people and communities. While they may spend a lot of their time online, they know that bringing people together helps to make the change they seek.

2. Environment

Any event that does not respect the environment is definitely out. Each and every event must be conscious of its carbon footprint and reduce its impact as much as possible. Where possible, events should play a part in driving positive environmental change.

3. Social and societal issues

People and society are just as important, so getting local people to receive tangible benefits from events is the best outcome. When VOQIN’ created the “O Nosso Futsal” campaign, it helped win the hearts and minds of people in impoverished neighbourhoods all over Portugal, and it may even have inspired a new generation of athletes.

4. Health and wellbeing

Early mornings featuring physical and refreshing activities such as fun runs or yoga and meditation are preferred to late nights and heavy drinking. It’s perfectly fine to interact with colleagues dressed in sports gear and sweatworking like in the case of the IMEXrun may just be the best type of networking.

5. Nutrition

Food remains an important part of any event but they’re not looking for meat feasts or sugar-heavy desserts loaded with calories. It’s fresh, nutritious food prepared using local and organic fruits and vegetables that they crave for. Accurate labelling is, of course, crucial for food safety and working with a (TV) celebrity chef really is the cherry on top.

6. Diversity and inclusion

The new generation makes sure that everyone is included, not just the youngest, loudest or most popular. They want events to be open and welcoming to everyone regardless of the lifestyle preference, physical ability or cultural background.

7. Interaction

They are used to Information being easily and readily accessed online, so the real value of coming together at an event is in the discussion and bonding with others. The new generation is acutely aware of this and expects events to offer more interaction and less information.

8. Image

In an age of social media influencers, they take care in building their personal image online. They appreciate an event that provides them with an opportunity to boost their image. This can be as simple as offering a great backdrop for their own photos just like in the recent Nespresso Goal Alignment 2018 we created.

9. Surprise

It is more challenging than ever for events to surprise and impress and calling an event an experience is not enough. The new generation wants to be immersed in experiences that use all the senses. It helps if there is plenty of novelty value too, just like the GM Lollapalooza experience provided.

10. Technology

Last, but definitely not least, making use of technology is a no-brainer. But just using technology is not enough, it is the bare minimum. A great event needs to use well-designed technology that delivers a great and seamless user experience.

We are obsessed about going above and beyond these expectations and delivering uniquely impressive events on behalf of our clients. We develop experiences that are in tune with the new generations and we’re constantly looking to fresh and even better #UnboringSolutions.
VOQIN’ Editorial Team