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We’re happy to announce our strategic expansion into the Andalusia region with the opening of a new office in Málaga. This move signifies VOQIN’ commitment to leveraging the burgeoning technological and economic landscape of Southern Spain.

The decision to establish a presence in Málaga aligns with the region’s recent surge in public investment and its emergence as a new technological hub where companies like Google are.

“Our expansion into Andalusia is a calculated step towards embracing the dynamic economic environment of the region,” said Diogo Assis, founder & charmain of VOQIN’. “Málaga offers a unique blend of opportunities that we believe are crucial for our growth strategy.”

VOQIN’ new hub in Málaga is not just a physical expansion but also a commitment to fostering local talent and innovation. We plan to collaborate closely with local businesses and tech communities to create impactful brand experiences.

For more detailed insights into VOQIN’ strategic expansion and future plans in Andalusia, read the micebook exclusive interview of Diogo Assis, founder & charmain of VOQIN’.

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