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Digital transformation, people behavior, globalization, countries, languages, cultures, limits etc.

All these matters are changing dramatically and so fast. How all these changes will affect our industry, the way we work and our lives?

There are some important factors happening today in our industry. Names like: BTL, ATL, Live Marketing, Digital are already past. So, what’s next?? Actually, the right question would be: What’s happening NOW?!

Budgets are migrating from regular marketing investments (old ATL) to investments that truly connect people to brands meaningfully. It’s not about the marketing tool anymore. It’s about the ability to understand the real meaning value for the new consumer/customer and their emotion driven factors. So, what drives emotions to connect people’s hearts, minds and souls to a message is key to any future agency at any future market for any future business.

If our clients don’t get it. They WON’T be alive in the near future. Innovation is critical to adapt and become relevant to people every day.

As an agency, we have to adapt our “what we do” speech to more of a “how we do”. How we create the right content? How do we engage people on a meaningful purpose to them? How do we make emotions connect people and purpose to drive them to truly love our client’s brands?

All these answers are the key to success on our market. Who responds better to those questions will be the “next ideal agency” to our clients. That’s why we decided to position ourselves as a purpose driven agency. To provoke emotions finding the right message and make the experiences we create meaningfully unforgettable.

Innovation just to seam creative is dead. Meaning is necessary to drive consumption and reactions needed to pay our client’s bills and ours as a consequence.

Competition is not clear anymore. Our clients don’t just compete with direct companies on their segment. Today, 80% or more of the bankrupt companies are being “killed” by substitutes: products or services that change the way consumers buy and make you obsolete within weeks. Examples: Kodak x iPhone / Taxis x Uber and many more.

Our planning strategies have to look over the regular competitors and understand potential entrants in the market who can make our clients value proposition be challenged to change or die. And jump ahead innovating with disruption and meaning.

WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE and drive our clients to change disruptively their businesses by this. It’s so powerful that we could be recognized by our clients not just as an amazing agency, but as an brain engine they can access at any time when they need to think outside the box in a meaningful way.

Our strategies in Americas has been designed that way and we are already seeing results on that path. Last August, Microsoft LATAM has chosen us to be their “HUB AGENCY”. It means, on the last months we designed strategies, KVs, content and manuals for 7 other local agencies to implement over our supervision and orchestration. The main subject for the events couldn’t be greater: AI and Digital Transformation.

This is how Microsoft is seeing value on “how we do” and it’s the first of many others that will come.

Great result of a meaningful way to really add value to an everchanging environment.

Provoke, dream and enjoy your journeys.

Carlos Eduardo Arruda