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How Do You Measure People Engagement When You Operate From 5 Offices In 4 Countries On 2 Continents?

The wrong assumption is that one approach works for all.  Facebook may be global in reach but the audience is anything but global in approach.  We operate a single platform, Facebook Workplace, for internal information and we wanted to understand what would provoke the best reaction (or any reaction) from our people.  A initial survey proved a great basis from which to build and the findings were evenly split.

The survey was posted in Brazilian Portuguese and English as these are the 2 main operating languages.

Using these findings as the base we have developed communication pieces that vary in format and length, each with dual language captions whist recognising half the audience is very visual and half detailed in text.

Engagement is also not instant and research shows that a post takes circa 4 weeks to plateau because of work loads of individuals.

What we have seen is that the curve has steepened with much faster initial reactions as the channels have become more established, content relevant and consistent without long pauses between postings.

The challenge with platforms is the definition of a reaction.  Workplace measures it as 3 seconds on the post which is insufficient and arguably meaningless.  Other measures such as video viewings (we use animation a lot on the posts) help to substantiate numbers but the real test is the long term figures.  New joiners use the platform as part of their induction so old postings now record figures 40% higher.

Finally, add an index to the channel and post the supporting documents and templates. We used this picture to provoke the thought.

By John Hooker, Kaizen Champion & Head of Compliance at VOQIN´