Winter Wonderland

AUTODOC Christmas & New Year Celebration

Welcome to AUTODOC’s Winter Wonderland, a dazzling corporate event crafted to embody the holiday spirit. A captivating Glamour Winter Wonderland, fostering togetherness and unforgettable memories, and igniting excitement for the new year.

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Walkin' in a Winterwonderland... So says the song. A place of dreams and happiness.

AUTODOC, known for its innovative approach and community spirit, wanted a Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration that would do more than just mark the occasion. The goal was to create an immersive event that was not only festive but uniquely memorable, engaging, and reflective of the AUTODOC culture.


A company celebration filled with the festive season's sensations

The challenge lay in conceptualizing and executing an event that transcended conventional holiday celebrations. It needed to captivate the attendees from the moment they arrived, offering a series of engaging, theme-inspired entertainment acts that would ensure a magical and cohesive experience. Additionally, the event had to embody the spirit of the holidays while showcasing creativity and innovation in its execution.

An Emotional Journey:

/ A warm sense of belonging
/ Joy and connection
/ Excitement over whats to come


A travel trought fun and mystery for everyone!

Our solution leveraged our expertise as an events production company, using our Emotional Thinking Method to deliver wonder in teambuilding, networking and learning.

/ Key Visual, concept and design to create a playful winter-like look&feel to the event, never forgeting the brand’s own identity
/ Music & DJ Sets carefully curated to get the audience in the right mood
/ Fun and engaging culinary workshops in which nostalgic treats made the trick
/ Murder Mystery Activity, entertainment with storytelling
/ Molecular Mixology as we like to shake things up (shake not stirr) with a learning element
/ A 3-Meter Christmas Tree symbolized the event’s grandeur and thematic cohesion, highlighting our attention to detail in events organization.


Like kids around the Christmas Tree, that was the feeling.

The event was an overwhelming success, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. From the magical entrance with Santa and his Elfs to the final sip of molecular cocktails, guests were thoroughly immersed in the Winter Wonderland experience. The combination of thematic entertainment, interactive activities, and the stunning visual atmosphere set a high note for the year to come.




Hours of Fun


Christmas Decorations


Santa Claus 🙂