Sense the Change

YPO RBM & REX 2023

Every story has a beginning, and this one starts in the eye of the innovative hurricane – Lisbon, “Europe’s leading city destination”.  A lofty and well-deserved title. Lisbon is rich in history, charismatic and authentic; branded by the Tejo River that shapes it so elegantly.

A city where everything comes together.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey.

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Founded in 1950, YPO is proud to be the largest community of changemakers on Earth. Over 30,000 leaders all striving to improve lives, businesses and the world, too.

Extraordinary leaders – top chief executive in their business or organization – all bringing a diverse background of culture, perspectives, ideas and expertise. These are leaders who strive to grow in all aspects of their lives, with a thirst for learning and new experiences.


VOQIN’ was called upon to manage the annual RBM (Regional Board Meeting) and REX (Executive Committee Meeting) which brought together over 100 regional and chapter leaders from Europe to reflect and decide upon the future.

Under the theme ‘Sense the Change’ and with Lisbon as the backdrop, this event explored what happens when:

/ The Old meets the New
/ The Classic meets the Modern
/ Tradition meets Innovation
/ History meets the Future


VOQIN’ designed a program destined to provoke, to awaken the senses and take the participants in an unforgettable emotional journey where they could indeed Sense the Change.

Everything was thought to the most infinitesimal detail. (You know what they say: god is in the details!)

From the choice of venues to the menus on the table, VOQIN’ left nothing out, including having a police escort to stop traffic and reduce time moving around town.

Meetings in room Condes de Sucena (Hotel Tivoli – Leading Hotels of the World) that could easily take the guests into the bucolic and romantic ambience of Sintra Woods; inspiring Speakers, experts on key issues about the future; sensorial experiences for fine tuning into the moment, gastronomical delights and the experience of beauty. An event with undisputable VOQIN’ signature.

Day 1

/ Arrival in Lisbon
/ Afternoon with Vasco Pedro, CEO of Unbabel, who ignited thought-provoking discussions on the future impacts of Artificial Intelligence on society
/ Night – Dinner at Museu dos Coches
/ The evening unfolded in the unique setting of National Coach Museum where a long imperial table awaited the guests amidst centuries-old carriages. Paulo Portas, Portugal’s former Vice President and Minister of Defense, shared his insights on Macroeconomics and Geopolitics in Europe and the world, addressing the challenges and opportunities

Day 2

/ Morning/Afternoon – Regional Board Meeting
/ Night – Dinner at Colectivo 284

Inside this improbable Art Gallery, accessed through a garage, guests enjoyed a show cooking with one of the biggest promises of Portuguese gastronomy, Michelin Star Chef Hugo Candeias served creativity with a side.

Impeccable service, sensorial experiences, and stimulating discussions on the theme of Luxury Gastronomy and Expectation vs. Reality.

Day 3

/ Morning – Executive Committee Meeting
/ Afternoon – Teambuilding – Tuk Tuk Challenge
/ Night – Closing Dinner at Mãe d’Água

Built in the 18th century to supply the city with water, this venue is known for its architectural beauty, with a highlight on the vaulted ceiling. The most remarkable paintings from Claude Monet & Gustav Klimt were part of Chef João Rodrigues’ menu — from the projections on the wall, directly to the table. A true feast to the senses and a remarkable moment that both client and team will engrave in their memories. This one is going down in history.


A perfect showcase of VOQIN’ Emotional Thinking Methodology.

Moments of distrust, tension, joy and awe, just to name a few of the emotions created around this amazing event.

3 days, 100 YPO officers, over 30 nationalities and 1 common goal: shape the future of Europe.

But the most important number? 5. All five senses ignited to create an experience no one will ever forget.

What VOQIN’ created was quite a journey and to travel means to be forever changed. We hope to have brought new visions, new ways of thinking and inspiration.

We sensed the change. How about you?

Client feedback

“The events and socials were flawless, and the level of hospitality was top notch. It feels amazing when we work with such talented teams who not only make our lives easy but who also make the work to be enjoyable.”

Selin HabbabRegional Chair YPO

“From day one you have listened to us patiently, bared with us and each and every one have delivered an amazing experience to all our members an attendees. It is this amazing experience that you made us feel and it is very special. Thank you for your diligent, detailed work, understanding, support, and so much more. It was an honor and privilege to have worked with you and you made all our time very special.”

Selin HabbabRegional Chair YPO

“Next level of ecoding – involve all senses: taste, smell, hearing, seeing… and all comes together with intellect and interpretation – a real wow effect! Speechless.”

Shai Misan

“I also would like to express my heartfelt thanks for such a great experience. Yes, the energy was fantastic.
(…) thank you for providing us with such amazing venues, speakers and police escort! I am currently enjoying an extra day in beautiful Lisbon today! Love your city.”

Anna B








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