Wheelin' New Grounds

AUTODOC Portugal Opening and 15th Anniversary

Amidst the energetic rhythms of Lisbon’s business hub and the tranquil beauty of Cascais beaches, AUTODOC’s milestone occasion was set to leave a lasting impression. The atmosphere was electrifying, marking not just a new beginning but also celebrating 15 glorious years.

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In the automotive aftermarket, AUTODOC is synonymous with revolution and reliability.

They started with a vision of easy access to quality auto parts, becoming champions of sustainable vehicle care, and have consistently delivered on their pillars of integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


VOQIN’ had one mission:

Craft an event that narrates AUTODOC’s legacy, celebrates the present, and ushers in the future. With an eclectic guest list of 100, an immersive experience was to be delivered both offline and online, highlighted with a beachside Gala Dinner.


Leveraging our unique Emotional Thinking Method, we delved deep into the core link between the Brand and its Audience.

In this scenario, two elements stood out: the collective yearning to celebrate and the inherent uncertainty of new ventures. With these insights, we crystallized a powerful message brimming with emotion, leading us to the tagline: Wheelin’ New Grounds.

More than a theme, this was the pulse of the evening. The new 1,000 m2 Lisbon Tech Hub at Lagoas Park was transformed into a realm that engaged every sense.

“Wheelin’” not only nods to the automotive industry but encapsulates leadership, direction, and the idea of charting a course. It conveys travel and, by extension, a journey into the future. The connotations of speed and progress evoke emotions like the exhilaration one feels on a roller coaster or the optimism of chasing a dream.

“New Grounds” speaks to exploration, advancement, and leveling up. While the event marked an anniversary, it simultaneously heralded a new era with the inauguration of the company’s new premises – quite literally stepping onto new grounds. Yet, every new endeavor is twinned with excitement and a shadow of uncertainty. Our challenge was to amplify the former and alleviate the latter, fostering an environment of trust and camaraderie.

Our strategy to telling this story in an emotional way was multifaceted:

/ Acrobatics for dynamism.
/ The vibrant orange hue for energy.
/ Strong branding for familiarity and trust.
/ Presence of industry leaders to establish credibility.
/ Drone display as a nod to innovation.

Grand Opening:

A warm welcome began with branded cappuccinos, setting a harmonious tone. As the day evolved, heart-touching speeches and the mesmerizing acrobatics by Theater Ocelot, led by the global sensation Bogdan Zając, from Cirque du Soleil, captivated all. Ensuring a blend of tradition with modernity, the ambiance pulsated with the brand’s signature colors, black and orange, augmented by a neon live painting, encapsulating the company’s forward-thinking ethos.

VOQIN’ state-of-the-art EMEX platform played a pivotal role, bridging the physical and digital realms. This ensured that the event’s emotional cadence resonated far and wide, creating a cohesive online experience for virtual attendees.

Gala Dinner:

Guests were serenaded by a orange dressed violinist on an enchanting orange carpet, which opened up to a grand room offering panoramic ocean vistas. Custom-designed centerpieces accentuated the theme, while the evening flowed with refreshing drinks, a mouthwatering dinner and unparalleled entertainment. As the night approached its zenith, the sky lit up with a breathtaking drone display, intricately forming the AUTODOC logo, followed by a cascade of fireworks, sealing the evening’s magic.

VOQIN’ delivered:

/ Bespoke entertainment.
/ Streamlined attendee accreditation.
/ Impeccable decor and live performances.
/ Culinary delights.
/ Professional event narration.

/ Efficient ground transportation.
/ Symbolic ribbon cutting.
/ Venue showcase.
/ Pictorial memories: photo shoots.
/ Media interviews.
/ Design, Creativity and Emotional Thinking.


By curating this experience, VOQIN’ told AUTODOC's story in a manner that was immersive, reflective, and truly unforgettable. Dive into this journey with us and experience the magic.

“It is for sure that AUTODOC Grand Opening event was a huge success. It is often been said that the success of anything stems from good planning and right cooperation - an absolutely fair statements in our case.
We appreciate the determination and efforts VOQIN’ invested to achieve the event excellence as the final result and to embrace great feedback in the outturn.”

Mariia KoropenkoTeam Lead Events & Merchandising, AUTODOC






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