Indico Pre-Seed Program Demo Day

Digital is now everwhere and creativity is thriving in areas never seen before.

With that in mind, Indico Capital Partners partnered up with Google for startups to make sure the new Portuguese ventures have a way of engaging with investors and show them the new business ideas they have been developing.

And while these “Shark Tank” like experiences are usually done face-to-face, our new reality made us look again into the digital as a way of bringing the investors and the startups together in a virtual scenario.

This is how we delivered the Indico Pre-Seed Program DEMO DAY, powered by Google for Startups.

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Live Pitch


Indico Capital Partners, a leading independent Venture Capital that invests in global and sustainable high tech companies to help them growing from local to global, joined forces with Google for startups, a powerful network that helps companies moving their businesses forward by providing mentorship, best practices guidance and the right tools to achieve that,  to launch a one year premier Lisbon based startup acceleration program that started in July – the Indico pre-seed program powered by Google for startups.

But how do you create a “Shark Tank” like virtual event where the pitching companies can really shine and have their moment to address a wide range of investors and media in a digital format, guaranteeing a high-level and highly engaging event from start to finish?

Throughout the event there was also a networking area with catering, exhibitor stands for CTT main business areas and partners.


A unique platform that creates a seemingless experience and a high-quality virtual event for not only the participants and companies pitching, but also to all guests and speakers.

With a taylor-made agenda and unique content being discussed by renowned names in the venture ecosystem, such as Frederic Court, Founder Felix Capital, and Carolina Brochado, Partner EQT, the 4 hours event was broken into smaller content blocks that included multi-panel speakers, startups live pitching, Q&A and smaller paralel networking sessions.

With EMEX userfriendly UI, we guaranteed a smooth navigation on the platform and great interactivity throughout the entire event.


The event was a success with goals being met: more awareness to the startups showcased and more investors partaking. With a total of 377 participants and a high turnover for venture capitals, startups and general public, the 1st Indico Pre-Seed Program DEMO DAY was a success.

Client Feedback

“The best value about working with the VOQIN’ team is really the dedication of the team.
It’s making sure that there is costumer success.”

Stephan MoraisManaging General Partner, Indico Capital Partners