Collabera Pro Bowl

2020, was one of the most challenging years we have ever faced. Now it’s time to put all of that behind us and kick off 2021!

Collabera, a Global Total Talents Solutions firm with 60 offices globally, wanted to host a leadership meeting that would bring closure to 2020 and set the tone for 2021 in the most engaging way possible.

When digital is all you can use, how do you create an experience that brings the connection and commitment needed to surpass any challenges 2021 may bring?

This is how we delivered an engaging digital experience to Collabera’s North America team.

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Collabera wanted to engage their team through an annual leadership meeting that would be not only engaging but loads of fun too.

As a company with a “Work Hard, Play Hard” culture and a workforce mainly of Millennials, the challenge is: how do you keep salespeople engaged for a two-day virtual event?

With a lot of research, by getting to know your audience and what drives them.


We researched Collabera’s culture and workforce and understood what their employees love the most: to be heard and be part of the action.

We focused on how to deliver an experience focused on the team, by creating an environment that would enable them to bond virtually! When you combine a high energy group, with a vibrant atmosphere, it allows for collaboration and some friendly competition. We introduced the 2021 Collabera Pro Bowl concept!

The 2021 Collabera Pro Bowl is an event where the best teams attend and celebrate all the hard work accomplished in 2020 and review and set the playbook for the new year.

Before the event, we sent out several digital teasers to hype the crowd up for the Pro Bowl Event. We even created an Instagram filter where Collabera employees were able to submit a video of themselves using the filter and showcasing how proud they were to be “a Collaberan”.

To kick off the event we used a short video with a ton of energy. Throughout the event, we ensured that the content was broken up into small pieces to keep everyone engaged.

We created a balance between business content and motivational keynotes. We also surveyed the audience to receive constant feedback. Personalised backgrounds/filters, accessories, and football jerseys were all props to further drive the 2021 Collabera Pro Bowl theme… all within our EMotional EXperiences platform, EMEX.


The 2021 Collabera Pro Bowl was a huge success.

189 attendees took part in both days, with a total of 3,046 chat messages exchanges and 573 emojis used.  We can certainly say that we provided a memorable experience! The Collabera Pro Bowl was far from “just another webinar” and the team was ready to kick-start 2021!

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the VOQIN’ team for planning and managing a phenomenal event for our company’s annual 2021 leadership meeting! We had 200 people from all over the US that attended this virtual 2 day meeting and the VOQIN’ team pulled it off without a hitch. Amazing planning and design of the event and capturing it using their EMEX tool as well as the VOQIN’ team and how easy they made it for us to work together to make it happen seamlessly!
We look forward to working together again on future virtual events for our company and I highly recommend VOQIN’!”

Dawn SerpeSenior Vice President