UNBOXING the next 500 years

It was a unique moment for the CTT Group, a Portuguese company with more than 500 years of heritage in postal and courier services.

For the first time in their history, the CTT Annual Convention happened in a virtual format. Despite the physical distance, it was an excellent opportunity to gather all employees, talk about strategies for the following years, and reveal the company’s new positioning statement.

From letters to boxes, it is time to do some unboxing and move forward. The future is faster, better, and greener.

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Digital Event


VOQIN' was challenged to create the first digital event for the CTT Group in record time. This was already a great responsibility, but we also had other goals:

/ To create a concept that illustrates the idea of innovation “from letters to boxes”, including the three main drivers – faster, better, and greener.
/ Provide a user-friendly technology to gather most of the employees, guaranteeing a great engagement rate throughout the event.
/ To make sure the content would embrace a large and diverse audience and assure an outstanding user experience.


We used EMEX, our digital events platform, to deliver emotions on this unique online experience.

CTT Unboxing Convention was a 4-hour event designed to bring the CTT team together and reveal what is next for the company. EMEX was the perfect match for this challenge thanks to its ability to generate engagement and reach a large audience.

Also, to unify the innovative spirit of the CTT group with the human side, we developed a concept that brought the feeling of “Unboxing new things”. The chosen tagline was “UNBOXING the next 500 years”. Additionally, to bring the concept to live, we created a scenario with different kinds of boxes to emphasise that delivering parcels is the company’s future.


VOQIN’ unboxed the best online experience possible.

The result was an impeccable delivery from beginning to end. Thanks to the great organizations and all the VOQERs that worked hard to make this event happen, we created a live event with more than 1700 real-time participants and 30 speakers.

Client feedback

“The experience of organizing our CTT Unboxing 2021 Convention with VOQIN' was a very enriching process, through the teams' integration, in a very professional and enthusiastic environment, allowing the project to be carried out and implemented as designed and within the scope to reach the purpose and objectives established from the beginning. The EMEX platform proved to be effective, providing the necessary security for the event to be successful.”

Miguel Salema GarçãoCommunication Director of CTT Portugal






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