Genuine Academy Journey

Access to software and digital products has never been so easy, and that is extraordinary.

But at the same time, people need to have information and understand the product’s functionalities to be aware of the risks if they do not choose a genuine (original) one.

With that in mind, Microsoft Brazil created the Genuine Academy Journey: a virtual event designed to expand the knowledge of distributors and resellers about Microsoft original products. The goal was to show them the positive impact of using authentic products for business and customers. And, at the same time, how using the right tools and information associated with Microsoft original products can benefit everyone.

To ensure a great experience for the participant, Microsoft Brazil invited VOQIN’ to embark on this journey.

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Digital Event


Microsoft Brazil had for this event two main goals: strengthen the relationships with its partners and foster their technical education.

VOQIN’ was challenged to produce a virtual event which would bring together the brand and its distributors and resellers through engaging actions, and ensure the participants would have the best virtual experience possible. It was critical to effectively share the knowledge about original products, legality, online security, and privacy.


VOQIN' produced the two-and-a-half-hour event to engage the audience from the beginning to the end. It was a high-quality production that included quizzes, outstanding guest speakers and company pitching. The interaction and the speaker's choice were crucial elements to the event success.

Post-event, gift vouchers were randomly sent to all participants. Once the event was over, the ten participants with the highest grades were rewarded with a Trivium certificate (Microsoft Technology Associate exam).


Genuine Academy Journey was a very informative event and contributed to bring awareness to an important subject. With a total of 316 participants – and more than 55% engagement rate during the quiz session, we can genuinely say that the event was a successful journey.