CTT Capital Market Days

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Hybrid Event


CTT challenged our team to organize the “Capital Market Day 2022”, for the first time in the history of this event in a hybrid format.


The event, which took place at Sala dos Claustros - Convento do Beato, in Lisbon, was attended by around 100 physical participants and 30 online. It included different essential elements.


/ Segmented hub of online registrations;
/ Management, divulgation and maintenance of the online event contents;
/ Pre-scheduling of in-person visits via the online event platform;
/ Online accommodation booking management;
/ Live streaming for the online audience (voice, video and Q&A interactions on the day of the event via the event platform.)


/ Staging and clean and sustainable conference environment, breaking ties with the past and marking the starting point of the CTT Group’s evolution towards a more sustainable future and growth, and using technology in its favor;
/ Organic integration of working tables in a theater audience set up;
/ Harmonization of the working area with the exhibitors’ area, properly framed in the venue chosen for the event;
/ Exhibitors for the presentation of different CTT products and services;
/ Meeting lounge CTT Meeting Space;
/ Line-up management and conference agenda flow in a live hybrid format.


A day of event with content engagement, pre and post-event, dedicated to CTT investors, and presentation sessions dedicated to each of the operation areas: mail, logistics and eCommerce solutions, operations, financial services, sustainable solutions (ESG), CTT bank, presentation of financial results and future vision.

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EMEX: live online session with the possibility of interacting through voice, video, Q&A, and digital moderator assistance live from the venue of the event.