Virtual Forum Manuel Champalimaud Group 2021

DIGITAL AGRO is the largest agriculture technology and innovation event in Brazil organized by Frísia, a Brazilian Agro-industrial Cooperative with a 100-year heritage in the field. More than an ordinary trade show, 2021 edition was a complete and interactive hub with several initiatives happening at the same time to support innovation and sustainable growth of the agribusiness sector. The event was developed around five main themes aiming at promoting concrete solutions for existing challenges in agribusiness.

Virtual Forum Manuel Champalimaud Group 2021

Manuel Champalimaud Group is a Portuguese conglomerate which has invested in sustainable and diverse structures within Portugal, with particular interest in the sectors of Energy, Food Logistics, Moulding and Plastics, Tourism and Leisure and Agro-industry.
It had to inspire, connect people, and create a sense of togetherness. It was to be a special occasion where leaders and a guest speakers shared inspiring stories, celebrated achievements, and talked about future challenges. Overall, it needed to convey a simple but strong message: OVERCOMING.

The Challenge

Bring together six companies, operating in different market sectors, reinforcing the foundations of the Group but showing the future direction by sharing meaningful insights and articulating the values of Manuel Champalimaud Group.

This was going to be a first, using technology bringing the event to the individual and not taking the individual to a live event. One thing that could not be lost was the feeling of closeness and belonging.
Finally, the experience had to enable everyone to have a deep understanding of all the possibilities for personal and professional growth, the capacity of OVERCOMING in individuals.

The Solution

VOQIN’ created a two-hour virtual event using key visuals to convey core values of Tradition, Ethics, Soundness and Excellence. An inspirational video which reflected these values and connected all six companies. A keynote speaker gave substance to the theme of OVERCOMING.
The entire event was staged on VOQIN’s digital platform – EMEX which created the “live experience”.
A pre-event communications programme which included “highlights” reports boosted engagement and set the scene.

The Result

168 attendees generated more than 5,700 reactions in 2 hours, a measurement that will be used to build on future events as the company looks strengthen the resilience of its people and business.



Hours in EMEX

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