MSI International Conference

The MSI International Conference is an annual event organized by MSI Global Alliance (MSI), a leading global association of over 250 independent legal and accounting firms in more than 100 countries.

The main theme for the 2021 edition was “Adapting to succeed”. MSI designed a rich programme addressing a number of topics relevant for its members and featuring keynote speakers, collaborative breakout sessions and interactive networking opportunities.

The Challenge

VOQIN’ was challenged to create an impeccable virtual environment to:

  • Be the stage of a global conference for an audience spread out in five continents
  • Engage the audience throughout the keynote sessions
  • Involve the whole MSI community during the networking sessions
  • Allow participants to connect with each other, despite the time difference, during the 2 days of the event

It was crucial to create a hub where participants could interact before and after the event, and where they could easily access the conference material on demand.

The Solution

Collaborating closely with MSI event team, we created a 2-day global event on three different time zones, for a truly international audience.
Our solutions included:

  • Our innovative and high-tech EMEX platform
  • A private forum where participants could interact even before the event
  • A virtual space for sponsors to personalize their 2D stands
  • Networking rooms on different topics
  • Live polling sessions throughout the event
  • Inspirational videos to help with the audience engagement
  • On-demand content for keynote sessions available on the event hub

The Result

EMEX was the right platform to deliver an immersive and engaging virtual experience for an audience spread across 5 continents and 26 countries, with a customizable agenda, interactive dynamics and content available on demand. Thanks to live assistance throughout the event and our intuitive system, VOQIN’ delivered a successful event that managed to provide a seamless and enjoyable virtual experience to all participants.



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