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Unilever Brazil Sales Meeting in order to optimize the budget and unify the communication, unilever decided to join 3 events in 1 called "Big Moment"

The first event was the Talentos Awards. An internal event attended by 300 UL employees who signed up for projects chosen annually, aiming to contribute to process improvement, sustainability and inclusion.

The second event was targeted at the customer audience, called “TALKS”. There were 500 guests from various Unilever client companies. In this event, the company’s main launches for the year were first-hand revealed and the guests were able to participate in the debate on issues such as economics and politics in order to anticipate market forecasts.

The third and final event received 900 employees at the famous RNL (National Leaders’ Meeting), the company’s largest internal event. The sales team was assembled for 2 days to receive updates of the products and launches of each category, as well as having closer contact with the company board, represented by VP Julio Campos, in order to establish the goals for the next year and engage the team to meet these challenges.



We prepared a special dinner, with decoration inspired by the culture, shapes and colors of Rio de Janeiro. This theme came to life through an impressive 42-meter mapped projection and the gentle and engaging voice of singer Jade Beraldo, who performed live songs that helped make the night even more magical.

This was the rich backdrop to the long-awaited awards ceremony, led by Unilever’s VP of Sales, Julio Campos.


This important event, composed of a plenary day and a special lunch for the guests, was conducted by the actress and journalist Astrid Fontenelle as Master of Ceremonies. The firsts to come onstage were the Directors of PC, HC, FOOD’S and ICE Categories, who presented firsthand the news for the retail market. Each category brought a different celebrity to introduce their main product of the year, surprising and enchanting the guests at all times.

The event also had the participation of external speakers such as the renowned Economist and Professor, Eduardo Gianetti and the President of Kantar Research, Sonia Bueno, who brought contents that made possible the anticipation of the challenges, difficulties, opportunities and trends reserved for next year.

At the end of the day, the guests were offered a lunch created and executed by the winners of the Master Chef TV show, Izabel Alvares, Leonardo Young and Dayse Paparoto. To sweeten the palate of this unique lunch, the small winner of The Voice Brasil, Rafa Gomes, sang the iconic song “Aquarela”, followed by the tasty music of the famous MPB singer, Roberta Sá.


The first day began with the magnificent presentation of Unilever’s VP, Julio Campos, who revealed the results of the year and the goals for the following year. Soon after, it was MC Astrid’s turn to conduct a Talk Show introducing the MMA Fighter José Aldo, the owner of the largest pharmacy chain in Brazil’s Northeast region, Mr. Deusmar Queiroz, and with the VP himself, Julio Campos. For 1 hour, this group discussed and debated relevant topics such as adaptability, work vs. personal life, and how to spark the motivation needed to meet everyday challenges with increasing focus and leadership. That day also had an extra dose of excitement thanks to the award ceremony of the best salesmen of the year, which won a trip to Africa.

The second day was definitely the most stellar, in which Unilever’s Categories and their products shone as never before. Each area chose a different approach to promote the sales of their flagship products and engage the audience.

The category of Foods was attended by Master Chef’s participants which joined activities on and off stage, helping the guests reflect on their eating habits. The category of HC brought comedian Moniza Iozzi, actress Flavia Alessandra and the volleyball player of the Brazilian team Mauritius to mobilize the audience through interactive games. The category of Wellbeing was attended by the fitness influencer Gabriela Pugliese and her husband and Mahamudra practitioner, Erasmo Viana, as a VIP presence during Functional Exercise and Yoga classes that happened every day in the morning on the beach of Barra da Tijuca.

To end the day in style, speaker Schneider brought a rich new approach to motivation through the theme: The world has changed …in my turn! The talk brings the reflection about the speed and constancy of the changes we experience each day and how to make the most of them.

The closing party was attended by the Band Monobloco that did not let anyone stand still!

The third and last day was undoubtedly the most emotional. In addition to presenting and talking about new brands such as BEDHEAD and LIPTON, Unilever presented to the audience its inclusive and beneficial society projects that have changed and continue changing the lives of millions of people around the world.

Both during the RNL and at TALKS, the exchange of themes on stage was accompanied by performances by performers and dancers who charmed the guests with a mix of music and interaction with mapped projection.