Maritz High-End Incentive Program in Lisbon

Maritz invited VOQIN's team to design a high-end program for 222 guests, taking place in Lisbon in April 2022.

The incentive consisted of a 5 days / 4 nights agenda with offsite dinners, activities and transfers to and from Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort. The 222 guests were part of an IT Global renowned company with the title “EMEA Club 2022”, this was their annual incentive trip.


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Physical Event
Incentive Travel


Maritz aimed to design a high-end incentive program for 222 guests from an IT renowned global company, taking place in Lisbon.

To do so, we accepted the challenge and successfully provided a memorable and fun experience for everyone involved.


Why Lisbon?

Lisbon is a city crafted over centuries with a historical past, a vibrant present and always looking to an exciting future.​ How could one not fall in love?


The incentive consisted of a 4 days agenda at Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort. Our team was challenged to come up with activities, off-site venues, and creative ideas for the 5 days the group was in Lisbon.

Activities and venues

1st Day
Arrival at Penha Longa Resort
Welcome desk + Welcome gifts
Welcome Evening at Il Mercato – we were responsible for the decoration and entertainment


2nd Day
Welcome desk
Breakfast Coroa Room at Penha Longa Resort
Exclusive Group Dinner at Arriba – entertainment and fire show + DJ
Mini stores, for each client to spend 2 vouhers (Leitão & Irmão and Sunglasses FORA Chiado.)


3rd Day
Welcome desk

/ Exclusive Lisbon: Tuk Tuk Tour, Wine tasting, visit to Carmo Ruins, Fado à capela. Lunch at Bairro do Avillez

/ Lisbon by the River: visit to Jerónimos Monastery + stop at Belem Pastry shop + Catamaran cruise with lunch included

/ Romantic Sintra: free time for shopping in Sintra + Lunch at Seteais Palace + visit to Chalet da Condessa d’Edla and Pena Palace

/ Royal Mountains of Sintra: visit to Sintra National Palace, free time in Sintra Village. Lunch at Sintra Central

/ The Alleys, the views, the history: Tram tour to Portas do Sol + visit St. Jorge’s Castle, walk down to Alfama. Lunch at Terra Nova

Shuttle service from the hotel to Chiado, for those who wanted to have dinner in Lisbon


4th Day
Welcome desk

/ Shuttle service between Penha Longa and Chiado during the day

Farewell Dinner at Colares: Cocktail in the garden, dinner inside the cellar in a single table for 180 pax


5th Day
Welcome desk


This was a very rich program with a complex organization.

We had several project managers and hosts teams on site, following all the groups and managing the distribution of the participants per activities – always with the excellence and passion that define us.

Our team selected the most top venues in Lisbon, and local townhalls. The group could meet a bit of Portuguese traditions, flavours, music, etc.

Client feedback

All the group participants testimonials were outstanding, our team was highly praised. Maritz team, a regular partner, kept in contact with us for other program planning, as usual. We are very glad and happy to participate in excited projects like this one!