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“Superar em 2023” (Overcoming in 2023) was the main theme for a 2 day event VOQIN’ has produced for CTT in the the beginning of the year.

The word we’d like to retain is “overcoming” and “total delivery”. Overcoming obstacles, overcoming goals and milestones, overcoming ourselves. These are the key words for this event.

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This is a client that we have had the pleasure to support for a while now, we’ve produced several of the brand events, either physical digital or hybrid and are proud to maintain a relationship built on trust and by always going over ourselves to deliver with Excellence.

This year’s challenge was a hard one but our dedicated team of Voqers put their best efforts into place and the result was a successful event and a thrilled client!


VOQIN’ was challenged to create a 2 day convention to be happening both physically and online in record time. Only 10 days went from briefing until the event.

The convention took place in the Auditorium of Estoril Congress Center during the first day, followed by a second day of parallel events happening in several rooms.

As a large number of CTT employees are spread throughout the country and outside, there was a need to include them from a distance. Expectations were for over 2000 participants.

Also, as there were simultaneous meetings, the client also requested the content to be available after the event.

Overall this event requirements were for:

/ CTT Annual Convention,
/ 3 Kick-off sessions (B2C. B2B and Operations)
/ 3 “Superar em 2023” meetings

Throughout the event there was also a networking area with catering, exhibitor stands for CTT main business areas and partners.


The physical event took place in Estoril Congress Center and VOQIN’ expertise allowed for a flawless production covering all needs, from coordinating staff, suppliers for equipment, lighting, AV and also coordinating graphic production and designing pieces either for the physical event and online experience.

Our services also included setting up and managing EMEX where the digital event took place.

As a large number of participants would not be able to attend the physical event, we used EMEX, our digital events platform that is designed to create an engaging and emotional experience, equivalent to the in-person event.


The Result
VOQIN’ overcame this challenge. Our dedicated team worked day and night and was present every second backstage, coordinating staff or giving support to last minute needs and the result was an impeccable delivery from beginning to end.

We exceeded the client’s expectations and were able to solve a number of constraints that arise from putting an event in place in such a short time.

Looking forward to overcome the next one, with total delivery!






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