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YPO members from all over Portugal enjoyed a truly one-of-a-kind culinary experience from the comfort of their own homes.

VOQIN’ were invited to design the YPO Portugal Chapter’s Summer Party, designed for members to present results and network with each other. With the larger group unable to meet in person due to pandemic restrictions, VOQIN’ proposed a customised version of The Residential – Home Gourmet Experience.

The event featured renowned Portuguese Michelin stared chef Henrique Sá Pessoa who guided the group with his exclusive recipes and live cooking display.

The two-part event started with a working session for YPO members to present results in a private setting, followed by The Residential Experience. The journey began with an email the day before and the delivery of the gourmet experience box on the day of the event.

The VIP service was consistent throughout the event from the unboxing experience to the flavours and aromas of the high-quality fresh ingredients delivered.

Participants joined via a link and shared their results in a private meeting. From here, a QR code was used to join The Residential Experience online on our EMEX platform that excelled at delivering the deliciousness digitally to the online participants.

Michelin-starred chef Henrique Sá Pessoa provided a live cooking demonstration exclusively for the group. Participants followed the instructions from home, with a few lucky ones in the studio from the studio and prepared a delicious meal. Online chat was available to ask questions or make comments directly to the chef and a dedicated moderator. On-site participants and online participants were able to interact with the chef and moderator.

In strict compliance with all security protocols, a select group of VIP guests joined the session live from the studio with the chef. Each of them received their own box to take home later and recreated the recipe that they watched come to life. Some even helped the chef cook while enjoying delicious wines and tasting some of the fine delicacies on offer.

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