Microsoft & Intel Partners Summit

the show must go on-line

Microsoft challenged us to organise an online event for their major partners and distributors that went far beyond a webinar-style presentation towards a format similar to a live TV show.

We pushed ourselves to create an engaging mix of commercial and content-driven sessions with an interactive light entertainment ending in a live stream that lasted just over two hours.

The TV show style was the perfect fit for a client that strives to provide a fantastic user experience in all their products. The event featured a carefully selected MC who also closed out the show with a stand-up comedy routine. Elements of gamification were peppered throughout the event with special surprises won by the participants at various points. This format kept the audience’s attention and the time flew by.

By using high-end AV production, through our trusted partners, we were able to deliver outstanding programming supported by the best visual and sound quality into the client’s own platform, Microsoft Teams Meeting. All technical challenges were overcome and the event proved to be a huge success with both the Microsoft team and the external participants.

The results speak for themselves. The joy and delight of the participants were obvious and their feedback was near perfect. The Client was both relieved and excited to have what is normally an in-person event be so well-received online. Our team was thrilled to have overcome all challenges and learnt a lot in a short period of time. We look forward to supporting Microsoft in more of their future online events.