Unilever leadership meeting chatbot

chat(bot)ing in under 15 days

A custom mobile app increases the speed and efficiency of communication while reducing waste at Unilever’s leadership meeting.

The latest chatbot technology can successfully resolve 74% of interactions in under two minutes.

This kind of machine learning powered agility and intelligence is available to power business events, and at short notice. This is exactly what we delivered Unilever for their National Meeting of Leaders, in a project developed in partnership with Zenvia.

“Our challenge was to get detailed information out to staff about the brand’s most important internal annual event. We spoke to 1,000 people, from senior management to regional team leaders, and learnt that they want to have a complete overview of the event, even before they started packing. We needed to keep them informed throughout the event in an engaging and delightful way” says Gabriel Gonçalez, producer of VOQIN technology solutions.

The technology needed fewer resources from the user’s side, which was is a clear advantage over event apps. “It was refreshing. With the chatbot, there is no need to download anything, the overall data consumption is minimal and integrating the platform was simple. While the integration, as well as data privacy and security, would normally take up most of our time, we were able to invest in perfecting the user experience and interface and remain on a tight schedule”, says Gonçalez.

In practice

While some chatbots are ‘passive’, that is, you ask, it answers, the Zenvia technology provides an ‘active’ that can also notify users in real time of any changes or delays, an extremely valuable feature in organic live marketing experiences. Gonçalez adds, “with Zenvia we had total control of content without relying on any other platforms or people. It was efficient, easy to use and with a great team working with us.”

Zenvia was the obvious choice after researching some 300 options in this space. “On the company website, we were quickly able to try the technology straight away and build a basic chatbot in very little time. Even though I am not a programmer, I could create conversations. With little time to spare, I went to the Zenvia offices to discuss the details and it was a straight-forward decision to partner with them”, says Gabriel.

Zenvia’s Partner Program, which officially launched in November at the ‘RD Summit’, is designed to strengthen the working relationship with event agencies, advisory services and marketing and communication consultants so as to ultimately simplify the adoption of chatbot technology. “Through the program, partners have full access to the Zenvia platform and are able to develop ‘self-service projects’. The direct access allows them to get the technology in front of their customers quickly so that they start engaging right away”, said Fabiana Oliveira, Sales Channel Manager at Zenvia.

In the case of Unilever’s event, the project was completed in record time. “In just 15 days the chatbot was ready and we made hundreds of updates throughout the event. The engagement level was outstanding. Guests connected with the chatbot repeatedly, coming back several times to see new pictures, videos, messages, custom playlists, launches, promotions, tips. A huge amount of content was produced and the whole event ran smoothly. W build a trusting relationship with our clients, thanks for the Zenvia team.

We can’t wait to get chatting again at future events with the help of Zenvia.