emotiontech designed with a unique method

to create the world’s first emotion streaming

        digital events existed already,
    what didn't exist was something
  hybrid, immersive, an extension
of our human touch

        everything is connected, in fact,
    it has always been, what has
  changed is how, where and with
what intensity we interact

        the word has never been used
    so much, but not everything
  is truly live, not everything
can really grab your attention

        set of concepts and preconceptions
    arising from society’s common
  sense and not from our own

        neuro plasticity everything
    we learn and experience in our
  lives, when connected, increases
our sensitivity to the world

        synesthesia different senses when
    activated together release endorphins,
  providing a unique feeling of
concentration and well-being

with this knowledge we have developed a virtual space that can host hybrid events, live broadcasts, webinars, meetings, 3D stands, interactions, sponsor areas, brand activations and gamification

considering Business Intelligence and UX / UI and HTML5 developers, we built a platform that can offer the structure of a physical event, now in an online setting

to create attractive moments to engage the target audience using tools such as APP, AR, QR Codes, Chatbots, VR and AI, resulting in the creation of a unique and emotional experience

we used psychosocial techniques in the build of a platform that allows capable interaction which increases audience’s retention, even with the challenges of a home office

colors, fonts, shapes, display, everything was thought and built to guarantee a simple, intuitive and, above all, effective experience journey across the platform

content transmitted in a clear, objective and creative way, without excessive steps, windows or processes, all easy in a “do it yourself” format that makes any digital event uncomplicated, regardless of where it happens

one thing is technology that works, another thing is technology that impresses, technology that works, impresses and thrills is not a thing, it’s the humanization from offline into online, it’s a learning experience