Digital Events Report

We are living through a revolution, perhaps equivalent or even bigger than the arrival of the internet.

The value of everything is being questioned, revisited and used in other ways with a different focus. This is exactly what happens today in virtual events and online experiences of any size and scope.

What was once seen as secondary and alternative, is today the most essential and often the only viable means of communication and engagement between brands and clients.

We are looking deeply at each nuance and impact of the change in behaviour that is resulting from the social isolation that many of us have felt, something that will impact the content and entertainment sectors for years to come.

EMEX (EMotional EXperiences) was born from VOQIN’s bold business vision of blending emotion and technology in a dynamic way. An EmotionTech is not digital, B2B or B2C, is it H2H (Human-to-Human). This is the technology that provokes positive emotions in people, be in ONlive, OFFLine or both, in a hybrid environment.