CEO Update: VOQIN’ is a Great Place to Work, even remotely

Dear friends,

I am writing to you at the end of a month where despite the current worldwide crisis, the energy among our team continues to be very positive and our camaraderie has never been better. This is a unique moment in time, without any precedent, has caught every single person off guard, but I have seen amazing things happen first-hand. I am very proud to have witnessed the team come together and support each other in amazing ways that I would never have predicted, always with energy, good humour and focused on embracing what the future holds.

But we are not the heroes. The real heroes are the thousands of medical professionals who, away from their beloved families, are doing everything they can to save lives. We can help too, by simply staying home to do our part in flattening the curve.

This is the time to take shelter, leave our egos behind and be united like a true family in the knowledge that we can each help to build a better future from here. United, we know that we can beat this and for us, that also means doing everything we can to make VOQIN’ a better place to work. I am very proud to share that just last week we were certified by Great Place to Work Portugal as a great place to work.

The best thing is that to our Voqers, this comes as no surprise. After all, since we started to work remotely Pedro Cunha and Carla Goncalves have been brightening up everyone’s mornings with daily team workouts using video calls. These have proven very popular and they have played a big part in keeping our bodies as well as our minds in shape.

There are more initiatives to come in regards to physical fitness, including online talks on nutrition and boosting the immune system with a highly regarded specialist. We also have more business-focused initiatives like “Provoking Insights” sessions, when we come together virtually to brainstorm and develop innovative business ideas.

We’ve already been working on virtual events for some of our long-time clients and while these are a new type of request for us, we are putting our minds together to offer creative solutions that provoke meaningful emotions, just online, for now.

Our entire team sends their love. Be safe, stay at home and take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

Diogo Assis,