The Residential Home Gourmet Experience for YPO Zurich

YPO Zurich

YPO Zurich

In a time when traditional business dinners cannot take place, our client YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) asked us to promote a high-level gastronomical experience, for all the Zurich chapter leaders, uniting them from the comfort of their homes.

But how can you bring a luxurious gastronomic experience to the homes of your attendees when they are all over Europe? We tell you how.

The Challenge

Deliver a gourmet experience to all YPO Zurich chapter leaders, without them leaving their homes, where they can feel the excitement of going to a Michelin star restaurant with their friends.

A gastronomic and social journey in a digital format while physically apart way.

The Solution

Hosted by a 2 Michelin-starred Portuguese Chef, Henrique Sá Pessoa, we created a virtual event where everyone felt engaged and part of a live cooking class, exclusive for YPO Zurich Chapter.

In advance of the session and to enable participants, who were located all over Europe, to cook this delicious menu, each received a bespoke box with gourmet ingredients and some unique touches such as a personalized cutting board.

While the cooking workshop was taking place, a personalized Spotify playlist was running in the background creating a shared restaurant atmosphere. Throughout the session, participants could interact with the chef and each other as well via chat.

Once the workshop was over, the family members of the participants were invited to join the after-show talk with the Chef where they could engage live via video.

Post-event, a video with the cooking class was sent to everyone alongside the Spotify playlist, allowing them to recreate the cooking class whenever they wanted.

The Result

Every single one of the 80 participants was amazed by the high-end experience designed for them. Even though everyone was at home, they felt as if they were all together again, and they enjoyed a unique moment of gathering (digitally).


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