Unilever Re-Pense

Unilever Re-Pense

Amidst an unprecedented social and economic crisis, leadership is key to help everyone navigate unknown waters. Unilever Brasil is a leader in its field and its mission is to improve people’s health, confidence and wellbeing while contributing to a fairer and more socially inclusive world.

In a moment when it is needed more than ever, we were challenged to help bring a group of strong industry leaders together around a conversation about re-thinking leadership and to help highlight Unilever as the market leader.

This is how we delivered this message seamlessly to a global audience of hundreds of online participants.

The Challenge

Unilever wanted to provoke top retail leaders in Brazil, as well as its own employees, to Re-Think the Future.

To do so, we assembled a group of disruptive, inspiring, and renowned keynote speakers that led the participants on a reflective journey.

Now that everything is different, there is an opportunity to continue working towards innovation and better outcomes – not only in how we lead the market but also in the way we do business.

So, how could we create this shift, this reflection, reaching a national audience in the middle of a pandemic?

The Solution

We designed a three-hour digital event that engaged the audience right from the start, with curated content, renowned global speakers, all presented on a seamless online experience.

We started with pre-event communications, including a video message from Unilever Brazil’s VP Sales Julio Campos inviting everyone to a gathering of minds to Re-Think the Future. Regular communication was sent to all participants, keeping the momentum, and spiking their curiosity.

To deliver the message, we used our proprietary EMEX platform which allows for numerous engagement opportunities and an exquisite UX/UI experience. Attendees interacted with each other via chat, asked questions via Q&A and even sent photos that were displayed on the main screen.

With a bespoke panel of top speakers starring names such as Dr. Bernice King (the youngest daughter of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King) and Leonard Mlodinow (theoretical physicist, screenwriter, and author) just to name a few, attendees were hooked from the start on the rich, provocative, and unique content designed for the event.

The Result

The event was a success, achieving the goal of inspiring key players in the industry to have a different outlook on the future. With a total of a myriad of different companies participating and 170+ different job titles, we were able to impact the Brazilian retail industry leaders.

The most popular talk featured Dr. Bernice King with the title “Courage of the Leader to Inspire”, which was presented with simultaneous interpretation in Brazilian Portuguese, available to viewers in real-time.

Engagement levels were high throughout the live event with 96 emojis interactions. In the end, 159 participants opted-in to receive the event gift which consisted of a book by Leonard Mlodinow.

71% of participants were extremely satisfied with the overall experience and content of the event, and 80% were extremely satisfied with the platform UI/UX.

“This event format proved to be very productive for Unilever and for the participants because we were able to re-invest the spend ​​related to travel in accommodation in more important speakers having a wider reach in numbers of participants than it would be possible if it was a physical event.

Our biggest mission was to be able to promote an experience that did not resemble the long virtual meetings we have in our daily lives, but a truly immersive digital experience and we accomplished it with EMEX!”

Carolina Pirmez, Beauty & Modern Trade Strategy Brazil, Unilever

% extremely satisfied with content

% extremely satisfied with UX



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