Cachaça Aluarez

Aluarez presents itself in the market as the real Brazilian cachaça in Portugal. This brand challenged us to launch them in the Portuguese market and ilustrate, through a glass of the real cachaça, what is this concept of the “Brazilian way of living”. 

Aluarez: the real Brazilian cachaça

Just like the french have their joie de vivre, and the Portuguese a way of living in fado, so the Brazilian have bossa nova which makes them live life with another rythm. Through this strategic hook, we wanted to explore and take this Brazilian essence to all Portuguese people. 


The launching campaign  

The real Brazilian cachaça immediately transports us to the Brazilian universe. We know the Brazilian essence cannot be translated into words, but we believed we can feel it, and make it be felt, in the expressions and sounds that are part of our collective imaginary of a country, Brazil, that is uncomplicated and bold by nature. 

“Aluarez, the real Brazilian” arrives to ilustrate the “Brazilian way”: a way of living that is more optimistic and lighter. Therefore, we wanted this mood to be present on social media through a small dose of musicality, a boldness twist, and a joy shake.


Brazil wants its cachaça, its optimism and boldness back

Too late, unfortunately, we have already put Aluarez in the cups and mouths of people from all around the world.

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